Aphid and Cicada Extermination by Phoenix AZ Pest Control Pros

Phoenix Cicada Extermination

Cicadas are large noisy nuisance pests. Their oversized abdomens are hollow except for a noisemaking tymbal, a drum-like muscle. Cicadas make their money by rapidly flexing their tymbal in a way that is amplified by their hollow abdomens. Cicadas often use their wings to add to or amplify these tympanic sounds, which are their way of attracting mates.

Throughout the United States, there are around 190 species of cicadas, making cicada infestation common, especially during spring and summer. Their annoying mating noises disrupt homeowners and business owners wishing to get work done, enjoy outdoor living spaces, or just relax.

Additionally, since many species of wasps prey on cicadas as their food sources, cicada infestations that go unmanaged often lead to wasp infestations.

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Cicada Extermination by Phoenix AZ Pest Control Pros

Common Types of Cicadas

Cicadas are members of the family Cicadoidea, and can be found all across the United States. Cicadas can live up to 17 years, and about 190 species are present in North America. The Southwest is home to several types of cicadas, such as cactus dodger cicadas, citrus cicadas, mountain cicadas, puella cicadas, giant cicadas, plains cicadas, nush cicadas, dog-day cicadas, says cicadas, and more.

Aphid and Cicada Extermination by Phoenix AZ Pest Control Pros

How Cicadas Damage Plants

Like aphids, cicadas have a proboscis, which they use to suck sap right out of plants. Unlike aphids, they use their proboscis to open up plant stems and roots to lay their eggs inside your plants so that when their eggs hatch, their larvae can feed on the insides of your plants.

What Cicadas Look Like

Cicadas are usually green, brown, or gray in color. Adult cicadas are fairly large insects, and have been known to grow up to 2 and a half inches long. Cicadas have large eyes and short but prominent antennae at the front and sides of their head. Cicadas have four semi-transparent wings that fold backward across their body when not in use, creating a tent-like appearance.

Cicada Extermination and Removal Service

Exterminating cicada infestations can be a challenge, largely due to their ability to hide eggs, nymphs, and larvae underground or inside plants, roots, and trees. We treat for cicada infestations, and identify areas where cicada eggs, nymphs, and larvae may be growing.

Cicada Extermination by Phoenix AZ Pest Control Pros

Cicada Extermination

In treating cicada infestations, we may utilize a variety of pesticides, depending on the layout of your outdoor space, the species present, and the nature of your infestation. Reclaim IT, Stryker Prallethrin, Stryker 54, Cyper WSP, Malathion EC Organophosphate, Bifen IT, and Bifen LP have proven successful in preventing or exterminating cicada infestations.

Cicada Extermination by Phoenix AZ Pest Control Pros

Cicada Prevention

Because many cicadas tend to have unusually long lives for insects, they tend to be migratory and follow established migration routes. Stopping cicadas from infesting your property starts with keeping a sharp eye on lawn and garden plants, especially during spring and early summer when they are most likely to migrate in.

Cicadas will usually announce their arrival, but to ensure that they are not damaging your plants or living spaces, watch for any plants that suddenly appear damaged and remove that damage as soon as possible.

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